The Art of Paper Quilling Jewelry
This month Interweave published my newest book, Paper Quilling Jewelry, a collection of twenty gorgeous designs for earrings and pendants that feature scrolls and coils made from quilled paper. Each project comes with a PDF download of detailed, illustrated instructions and full-color photographs to help you along the way. To celebrate the launch, I’m sharing a bonus project from the book, an Abstract Flower Pendant, on this blog.

To create this beautiful pendant, you’ll need a few basic supplies: a quilling tool, colored strips of paper, and glue. I chose to use standard 1/8” (3 mm) wide quilling paper for my pieces because they’re more flexible than thicker papers. If you’re new to quilling, the paper may seem too narrow for your fingers to handle at first but your fingers will get accustomed to it fairly quickly. A slotted tool will make it easier to form perfect coils without crimping. You can also use a needle tool, but most quillers prefer the slotted tool because it’s easier to control.

To begin, start by forming two paper circles for the exterior of the earrings (the circles should have an interior diameter of one inch). Next, pick a secondary color and roll a strip into a loose scroll. Slip the coiled strip off your tool and allow it to relax, then trim the curved tail. Repeat for the remaining pair of earrings. To add a little shine, spray the earrings with light even coats of Krylon Low Odor Clear Finish. Let dry completely before wearing. Paper Quilling Jewelry

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