Previous studies have found that retinol has several benefits for the skin. Retinol is an extremely efficient cell communication factor, it can be gradually connected to a skin cell, make skin cells more healthy, younger. Also, Retinol is an antioxidant ingredients, can effectively block free radical damage to the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promote collagen production. Retinol for acne and eczema are also very effective, also can reduce the stain and wrinkles caused by sunlight. The benefits listed above can help your skin glow from the outside or internal are both youthful. In short, retinol can help solve more than 100 kinds of skin problems, is a veritable superstar.

Then, What difference between retinol, vitamins A and retinoic acid? A retinol molecule can be decomposed by the body more effectively complex – Vitamin A. Despite the different forms of vitamin A (retinol and Vitamin A) can be used interchangeably, they each have their own characteristics and limitations. For example, some form of retinol may be added in ordinary skincare.

Retinol is a cosmetic raw material, any cosmetics’s company can add it to their own products without doctor’s prescription. Several skincare level of available vitamin A including: retinol acetate, retinol palmitate and retinol. These terms, you can see from the list of ingredients of the skin care products. Retinol is effective because it is absorbed by the body, turn into tretinoin in the human body. Tretinoin is the real impact and adjust the composition of the skin cell behavior. Skincare level or medical grade vitamin A can irritate the skin, but the severe irritation generally caused by using medical grade of vitamin A. You can use free of irritants effective skin care products to alleviate eliminate irritations caused by retinol.

All forms of vitamin A once exposed to air and light will decomposition, so products containing vitamin A must use opaque non-wide-mouth bottle, to maintain the stability of the active ingredient. Note that the view the full list of ingredients of the product, which must contain retinol, retinol acetate, depending on retinol palmitate or retinol. According to tretinoin manufacturer, if you want to get tretinoin must get a doctor’s prescription. Not everyone’s skin were suitable for using retinol, because it can cause skin irritation, peeling stimulation, especially in the first time use. If it cause stimulation, the symptoms will disappear within a few days you use it regularly. If the symptoms do not disappear, but more serious, please stop using it immediately! If you have decided to start using retinol, at the beginning, please do not use every day. Use it every other day, or add it to your daily use moisturizer, so you can better adapt to your skin retinol. Use good moisturizing product formulations and mild cleansing products to help the skin adapt to retinol. The study showed that retinol with the acid used, can be more efficient repair of skin damage caused by the sun. The sunlight causes retinol failure. Therefore, it is best to use retinol products at night. Tretinoin

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