Mantras are called divine sound or Shabda Brahman and they are designed on the basis of mysteries pertaining to Sound Science. After which word by placing which another word in what manner which electrical energy flow shall emerge? This mystery has yet not been unfolded by Western Science yet our great Rishis of yore were well aware of this stupendous energy of sound. By placing words in a particular sequence via the mouth certain bodily parts get directed in a certain sequence. Further in certain knowledge based nerves, Yogic Chakras or subtle plexus, energy centers, glands and networks of their causal body certain types of movements manifest. Due to the action-reaction and upheaval of such movements a special type of electrical flow gets created in space. This very easily reaches various worlds or Lokas. It can easily contact demigods, divine worlds and divine energies. Due to Mantra Power great Rishis succeeded in attaining the supreme abode and rendering the individual soul into a cosmic divine one called Almighty God in layman’s parlance. Even today in our modern era every such success for just about all and sundry to render their lives in close proximity to Divine Energies is a mysterious medium.

Today’s modern scientists are well aware of the energy capability of sound. These scientists by unearthing the manner of movement of sound waves at a very fast pace in space have invented wireless gadgets and radar technology. These gadgets by the inspiration of electrical flow catch hold of waves running in space in an unruly manner. Further as per the wish of the inspirer the analysis of its speed, direction and distance is executed akin to a very obedient messenger. Mantras also can be termed ‘Spiritual Radars’. When ordinary sound waves have such potential then imagine the infinite deep import of Vedic Mantras since its words have been woven in a very scientific manner. Lest anyone truly understands the deep import and mystery of these words and sounds, if they act as per its teachings or else they become adept in mastering hidden wisdom and energies in them, for them this Mantra akin to Kamadhenu or the wish fulfilling cow can bestow just about anything. Maharshi Patanjali has in fact placed similar observations by saying:

‘Ekaha shabdaha samyag jnataha suprayuktaha swarge lokey cha kamadhugbhavati’

MEANING: By imbibing all round knowledge of the meaning of one word and by applying it in a correct manner we can attain heaven and all desires in our psyche. By saying that ‘Mantra param laghu’ it is believed that Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh and all other divine powers are under its control. Thus Goswami Tulsidasji of Ramcharit Manas renown too has accepted the great import of Mantras.

In reality Mantra Science is that pertaining to special well managed applications of sound energy that is the fundamental creative power of Mahamaya Prakriti or nature. The basis of its application is the mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti and profound faith of the devotee. It is a mental resolve or Sankalpa Shakti oozing with deep faith that renders a Mantra alive, kicking and mobile. Great scriptures opine.. whole home audio

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